About Us

At Yuan Spa, we welcome you to discover the healing benefits of our beautiful hydrotherapy setting. This urban water sanctuary soothes your body and soul, making it a wonderful prelude to your treatment. Some of the benefits include muscular stimulation, absorption of elements, detoxification, and skin conditioning.


If you are new to Yuan's bathing pools, we suggest the following steps to enhance your hydrotherapy experience:

  • It is traditional to wash and rinse before entering the pools.
  • Heat the body and soften the skin in the 104 degree hot pool. This is the first and last stage in the blissful bathing ritual.
  • Warmth exudes calmness in the therapeutic sauna and eucalyptus stream rooms. We recommend 10 to 15 minutes per each session. Please enjoy the body polishing sea salts on this hydrotherapy circuit.
  • Follow the sauna and steam room with the cool sea salt pool, or cool shower to stimulate the circulatory system.
  • Remember to bring your swimwear!

Yuan Spa has private soaking tubs for our hydrotherapy services - 30 minutes $65

Hydrotherapy Day Pass: $45
Complimentary with any single service of $115 or more (excludes hair and nail services)
No reservation needed.