Skin Care Facials
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Rejuvenate and replenish your face with our line of skincare facials at Yuan Spa. Our highly trained staff will address your specific needs & concerns while enhancing the health and vitality of your skin.

Signature Reconditioning Facial

Our active herbal facial uses high performance fruit enzymes with ultrasonic exfoliation and micro-current botanical infusions that are customized to your skin type and condition. Combined with our firming acupressure facial massage, you will see and feel visible results!

Liquid Lift Facial

Mimic the effects of costly injections with our "liquid lift" peptide treatment. This facial showcases advanced anti-aging ingredients; problem areas get a double dose of lifting and tightening products accompanied by a firming mask and facial massage. Your skin will feel energized and look luminous - perfect for date night!

Microcurrent Facial

After deep cleansing with ultrasonic exfoliation, state of the art micro-current technology instantly tones, lifts, and firms your skin by "circuit training" tired facial muscles. Hydrating and plumping hyaluronic acid treatments are infused into the skin. Non-invasive and pain free, this treatment is an effective alternative to face lift surgery when combined in a series. 90 minute includes Red LED light to stimulate collagen and replenishing micro-current hand treatment.

Essential Restorative Facial

A nourishing treatment using a synergistic blend of masques to decongest, replenish, and gently detoxify your skin. After gentle exfoliation with a unique re texturing masque, a hydrating hyaluronic acid/vitamin B masque replenishes nutrients while a firming vitamin C masque brightens your complexion.

Enbrightening Facial

A blend of glycolic and lactic acids effectively exfoliate and resurface your skin. Combined with a firming Vitamin C masque and potent antioxidants, your skin will radiate with a bright, glowing complexion! In a treatment series, hyper-pigmented areas will progressively fade.

Clinical Acne Treatment

A decongesting blend of Salicylic and Mandelic acids prepares your skin for extractions while a purifying masque and lymphatic drainage massage calms and detoxifies your skin. LED light therapy helps to further purify and heal acne lesions.

Calming Enchantment Facial

This soothing facial is designed for sensitive or rosacea skin types. It utilizes the anti-inflammatory extracts of German Chamomile and Calendula to calm and soothe the skin.

Gentlemen's Facial

A relaxing and cleansing treatment to rejuvenate the skin as well as counteract skin irritation from shaving and sports activities.

Microneedle Rejuvenation Therapy

Our most stimulating and energizing treatment utilizes a derma roller with 200 surgical grade micro needles that is rolled across the skin after topical application of numbing cream and a peptide serum. This dramatically increases serum penetration by as much as one thousand percent! LED light therapy and a soothing collagen masque are applied for complete skin rejuvenation. Recommended in a series of 6 to 10 weekly treatments for maximum results.

Express Signature Facial

A 30-minute version of our Signature Facial.
Does not include hydrotherapy.

Recommended Enhancements

  • Blue (Acne) or Red (Collagen Booster) LED Therapy $19
  • Neck and Decollete Rejuvenation $29
  • Peptide Mask $19
  • Microcurrent Eye Lift Mask $19